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Supply Chain Logistics
Since its establishment, South Logistics  has accumulated abundant experience in supply chain logistics management, focused on subdivided industries, built professional teams around the industry, formed a virtuous circle of continuous improvement of service capabilities. South Logistics  has always advocated building a healthier supply chain ecosphere with the concept of "lean" in the whole supply chain logistics services, speeded up the sharing of logistics resources, improved the efficiency of logistics system, promoting the reform of logistics system, embraced science and technology, made the supply chain more intelligent, explored the application value of big data in the field of supply chain logistics, and developed more extended services for the subdivided industry. It has created an intelligent supply chain system with big data support, network sharing, and intelligent collaboration, and deeply integrated with the Internet and logistics network, satisfying customers’ all-round needs, and leading the continuous innovation of the supply chain logistics industry.
  • Trunk-road Transportation
  • Warehouse Management
  • Terminal Distribution
  • Supply Chain Value-added Services
  • Terminal Distribution and Handling
  • Packaging and sorting
  • Pack
  • Hoisting
  • Exhibition
  • Logistics Information Technology
  • Logistics Planning and Consulting
  • Supply Chain Management Services
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